Flying to Dublin

Flying to Dublin and looking out of my window I could already tell that our time with the English class would be a great one in Ireland. Our trip, which lasted from the 8th to the 10th of March, was filled with great memories and stories.

On our first day in Dublin; after being installed in our hostel, our group went out for dinner in a nearby restaurant as well as a first look into the pubs of Dublin.

The next day, excited for the day ahead we ventured out into the streets in search of the Guinness Storehouse and spent the morning discovering the making process behind the iconic beer. To end the morning visit, those of legal age had a pint of Guinness on the last floor overlooking the beautiful city of Dublin.

But the day was not yet over since we took a bus to get to the serene and authentic village of Glendalough where the scenic landscape left us speechless. We took a walk through an ancient graveyard and then through the forest to arrive to a stunning lake where we spent some time taking pictures and stone skipping. Towards the end of the afternoon we returned to the village to take the bus back to the city.

In the city we had some free time before meeting up again for dinner at a fish and chips restaurant. After dinner we went out to discover the Temple Bar area where we found a friendly bar called “The Bad Ass” where we spent a great time listening to live music.

For the last day, we decided to visit a museum called “Dublinia” where we learned about the Viking and Medieval history of the city. Then, we walked over to Trinity College where a student gave us a tour and talked about the university’s history. We had the chance to see the Book of Kells, which is an ancient manuscript of the Gospel in Latin, as well as visit the Long Room which impressed us all. We had a bit a free time after that but in the afternoon we all met up in front of our hostel to get back to the airport and get back to Belgium.

During the trip many of us took lots of interesting photos; and a photo competition was organized with categories of best portrait, landscape, original photo and Irish symbols.

Juliette Velissariou also filmed an amazing video of the trip which is shared with this post.

Overall our trip to Ireland was a very interesting and a memorable one, a trip that I will always remember of fondly. Every one of the students who participated was glad to have done it.

Arina Alouf 6B

On behalf of the 6LM1AN2 group (teacher – Marie Palm)